Travel With Your Love This Valentine Month

by Ali Asghar on May 17, 2021

Some people gripe that Valentine’s Day is the best time for a holiday with their loved ones. Well, romance is in the air, and exploring is in the blood of those who don’t love to leave any place untouched by their visit. If the cards, chocolates, roses, and balloon decoration just won’t suffice, then you are a traveller! And, so is your partner. 

Valentine’s day is a holiday to go out with your special someone, and we don’t want you to leave without the essentials. Simply ooze romance in your luggage bag and let the world know that you are together and travelling!

Get yourself introduced to Alizah’s travel customized combo.

  1. Passport cover:

A passport cover is a sort of book cover for your passport. And, you will need a passport to travel with your partner to the desired location. It is a jacket for your passport! Gift your valentine a passport cover customized with their name on it. 

The leather passport cover is available in a variety of colours and you can choose a combo! It will be a secret way to tell them that ‘I love you, and we will be travelling a lot’. 

2. Travel Wallet:

A well-made leather wallet is a beauty! The leather’s breathability, resilience, rich texture, and flexibility makes it a perfect material for showing off your classy side. And, matching travel wallets will make you feel the togetherness. Keep your partner’s photo inside your wallet to show them how much you value them. 

Alizah provides a multitude of options that will lure into the textures of leather and the color hues.

3. Customized Luggage Tag:

It is the little things that make a big impact in the relationship! And, the same goes when you are traveling with your baby! And, while we wouldn’t go so far to say that good or customized luggage tags can make a difference. It is a reliable gear and a great customized gift for Valentine’s day. Your journey will be easier as you can see your luggage from a distance on the baggage claim belt and get to the destination faster. 

These were some of the travel customized Valentine’s day gifts for your ‘Special One’. travelling together enhances the quality of time you get to spend with your partner. You know them inside out. So, if you are thinking of travelling together to the closest Valentine Getaway location, then don’t forget the little things that make a difference, which are mentioned above. 

Laugh, chat, and play together, after all in the end ‘YOU BELONG TOGETHER!’

The Alizah aims to continually come up with new products and ideas that our beloved customers love. We provide the highest quality of customized gifts options that include travel products, tech accessories, lifestyle accessories, and printable products. Driven by the craziness and the colourful passion for painting your special moments with the personalized gift options, we want you to experience closeness and experiment along with us.